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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit sorry for missing some of your queries:

for: #5847 the Token can be found on the Telinta password API page https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/viber_image_2022-03-14_14-56-31-112-1024×884.jpg but i have checked you Telinta access and it seems that the passwork has expired we will update you passworkd soon so you can get the Token from Telinta.
Once you tick API Token Access it shoulld provide you more information about Telinta Token.

for: #5848 i think text area would be fine but the text area should appear after admin clicks on the button. On the video i can see Intelegent page and it has text input and we would need same way.

for # #5856 We believe you are right there must be the error generated during your Token works. It is very common that some client working on the sate right at the same time when you. Unfortunately we do not have a logs recorded about clients activation time maybe we will need to do that for our improvement. If it is possible to check the code if any misconfiguration or potential bugs on this functionality. From our end we will keep monitoring if the same issue will occurs in the future.

for #5857 ; we know that client likes its default search work as it works and it is very important to not break its default features but if you can modify its existing search without breaking its original functionality then you can do so otherwise an addition input box is fine too.