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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thanks for #5820 that’s fair enough,

the problem is in here we wanted to find this rule with “1” we saw on your screen shot and found that the search on Rules page is not working at all and we can not track any rules, prices and etc on that page, so we thought that by creating the page for rules the default features will work, please let us know if we need to add a task for the price rules search repair.

We haven’t got complains for that search yet but we are 100% sure once client’s tester comes to the search checkup the ticket will be launched…

Please read this topic about fixes and repairs – https://webmaklay.com/faq-items/how-to-get-paid-more-for-your-development-work/

by the way about previous complains, thank you Nishit for repairing most of the issues we are hearing less complains for your previous work.

Here are just two more issues repored:
a) My numbers page – search does not search numbers that have brackets () and it suppose to detect all the numbers as plan formant xxxxxxxxx please fix that.
b) My numbers page if the number hasn’t got a pin number it display as “0” please make the filed blank if no pincode indicated. No pin code = empty field!