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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit thank you for your message, it looks better now for 2)

7) i think you miss understood this point if you open any state California for example you can see the smallest area code there is 209 and biggest is 951 so if on our EN project when you click on any state California in this example all the numbers should be starting from 209 area code and next 213 and so one up to 951 but now if you open any state California in this case all the numbers in disorder some numbers from 209 area code then can be number from 415 area code and then again from 209. So we wanted to take you attention on checking this order so all the numbers are in order.

We have checked now it looks like you already fixed that but please see if all the numbers are in order as it was before.

for 9) it looks all works now.
Thank you Nishit

If we can ask you a favor when you loading new files or working on new job/ task could you please ensure that old works that we have already done and checked working as we developed them it is very complex going back to the fixing stage if those works that are done broken for some reason.

Probably because of some old backup flies you upload or conflict situations.
Please let us know when you finished with issue 4) so we can update your page,