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Hello Team, thanks Nishit, Mark for your updates.
Nishit to help you with an ideas i have a chat with the customer he likes how this form looks like
https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/01_carbonmade_signup_form.jpg in particular if you look at this form design you can note the way how it highlights when field reqired for completion, how it is beautiful designed with some guide steps 1 and 2 so customers can see the order while signup, graphics colors this new upgrade which they expect.

Aslo i like Mark’s idea making two tabs in this form signup or sign in, it is still ok that we have a separate signin page but having a sign in tap next to signup tap is very great to have i thing all contemporary websites have that already and our customer wants too.

Hope it helps with your development.

As per Billing emails this email will be used on account topup and other payment related functions.
Thank you