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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit hope it finds you well,
unfortunately we can not close this job as three are more issues coming up, can you please fix below:

1) The pricing circle is always got messy design wise and functionality wise please see how it looks the price display is awful and price circle top side is narrower that bottom side please see screen link:

2) also if the number does not exist it then customer should see the message “Number is Invalid”
3) Numbers in US not starting with “0” and “1” so if clients input 123-4567 then it should display “Number is Invalid”
4) we also asked you so that admin can input both “0” and “N/A” in the price rules but when we put N/A it does not work.
5) In the numbers input site visitors can put anything but there should be only numbers for numbers and letters for vanity numbers only
6) As per functionality when we add a rule all 212 area codes price $100 then our clients when search numbers under 212 area code they got $5 default price for some reason.
7) there is an othre confilct we reported not fixed, numbers being displaid in discorder if you click on california state for example you can see it shows all numbers not in order it can show 213 then 209 then 230 but all the numbers should display in order even tough Ascending sorting set.