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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit thank you for your questions

for #5699 – When customer changes port out then notification being sent to its customer about port out information. So site admin wants all customers receive port out notification from portout@en.com email (for example). So i would put my dropdown field with all operations list at the top of the list in Email Settings right above Administration’s Email Filed and called it “Select Operation” – here admin will pick PortOut and field below Administration’s Email puts admin email address then From Email Address will put portout@en.com (For example) and then saved. Now all customers who proceed their port out operations will get all port out notifications from from portout@en.com and hidden copy goes to the administration email which has also set in administration email and so on.I hope it helps.

for #5700 you should log in to EN admin -> Marketing -> View Coupon Codes – then find Expiry Date column.