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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your reply and repairs,
for #5686

d) Customers complain that if they reserve a number it goes to the bottom of the mobile screen view and our customers finding it hard to locate the reserved number. So we are thinking if we need to have a separate page for reserved numbers (same as we have n desktop) so customers can click on that page and see their reserved numbers OR make sort of floating menu somewhere on a side of a mobile view and customers can click on the reserved numbers icon and the page scrolls down to that area where the reserved numbers are. Please advice

for the other project tasks we sometime have some small tasks on EN project and for you not loosing time and money we will create a separate Voip jobs streaming so you can have task to do.

Bothe Task projects will be on a separate job pages with different budgets so the finance will be paying them as you go.

For example if you work on EN it will be paid as you finished the job and when finished with voip we pay for that.
While you working on one project we will be preparing more tasks on anther and etc so you will be having tasks more often.

If you do both jobs on same week we will test and pay accordingly.
The main idea is to not hire an other developer as we do not have urgency on it but we rather give you more jobs which potentially should bring you more income.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Login Remember Me task does not work:(
We tried to login from same devise and same IP the page always asking for password entry. Could you please check that.