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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates will check back once done.

Nishit we can see you fixing some errors but here is something we found below:

1) You put numbers back to the widget but when we reserved a number it does not show on the widget please see attached. One number reserviced but widget shows “0” (see red marker) can you please check that.

2) Also if we can ask you to remove PayNow from reserved number page -> reserved number but put an other Proceed to Checkout button next to the Cancelled Reservation button – see blue marker on screen shot. (this is an additional small task will be added to your budget)

3) Please see on my numbers page the numbers wrapping and not fit to the Phone Numbers (see red marker) column space can you please increase the table for Phone Numbers column so they fit whole but decrease Portout Validation Column as it is too wide (see red marker).