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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit very sorry for our down times hopefully we are back to normal now and can communicate properly.

For #5650 the “Login Remember Me Feature” yes you partly right see how it should work.
a) Let us see thta im logining to my account using my mobile say “Samsung XXXX” once i logged in i need to input my username and pass. Then if i tick remember me then next time from my “Samsung XXXX” i can login from anywhere as smartphones are now pass, fingerprints protected, and i will be logged in automatically without entering pass

b) but if i decide to login to my profile using “Desktop ISUS model XXX windows 11” to the same account the system wont recognize me and request a pass to login and if i tick a remember me again.,then i will be able to “green light” login from both devices “Samsung XXXX” and “Desktop ISUS model XXX windows 11” .

c ) Same for login logs we could see the devices for tracking and security reasons, i guess all users will have their own devices recorded somewhere in DB so system can recognize it.

d) Important thing to know that when customer logs in green then system should welcome them saying “Welcome! we recognize your device you can login safely”

E) and if i logining into my account different devise then system respond should be as so ” Sorry we can not recognize your device please provide your credentials to login”.

G) As per IP remembering if i login from my “Samsung XXXX” from IP 11111 and tick remember me then it remembers my IP as well so if i login from same 11111 IP but different devise say “Nokia 2112” i still need to provide my pass (as i use different device) but let say customer forgot his pass but entering from remembered IP then system will allow him to recover his pass multiple times saying 5-10 times (meaning not banning it)

but if IP not recognized pass recovery limited 2-3 times and block if more. This measure we need to implement as some customers being blocked sometime when using same IP.

Please let us know if any more questions.