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Nishit Shan
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Hello all,

For 5475 :-

b) secondly when we search the number it showed nothing how we can return back to the previous screen to repeat our search there is no way to go back please make something like (try again) button so site admin can go back after search. ———-> Link has been added to the message.

C)c) three will be thousands of numbers that reserved and we have no option to find a reservation by time for example October 2021 – how we able to search it, also how we can search by customers and so on. ———> The date filter has been added for by customer name search admin can search it from field where admin is searching Numbers.

d) how we can remove unwanted old records, we need remove /delete record so we can select unwanted records and delete them.If there will be thousands of records we need to remove some.
——-> Check boxes are added in front of all numbers admin can select and remover it by clicking in Delete Selected.