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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates,
for the Telinta error your: ” —-> Did you check it again i check with my test order and it seems it’s working fine.
we will check and get back to you if error still persist.

for for #5498

I am working on the crone setup for canceling the number reservation after time is complete. IF i need any i will ask you.
– thank you

for #5502 please Nishit take necessary action to make all the reservation functionality working perfectly as it is very important and always makes mess on the web.

We will see how you fix it and if it will work stable accurate without any errors we can escalate to finance about extra funds for your improvement jobs. However it should not take weeks as this job, the reservation process is very important on the site and used daily. Currently it is very unstable and as you already know from previous messages very unreliable and causing many complains

We are testing your Numbers Pricing task it is not bad for now will create some new work on that after this got paid and closed.