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Good day team, thank you Nshit, Mark,

Nishit please read this complain along with its screen shots below regarding numbers reservation as it is very important:

at 2:30PM a client has reserved an VIP number:

at 4.00PM we checked and could not find reserved number:

Notification Come

number showing as not reserved

Reservation Logs does not show that this number is actually reserved either

Reservation History does not show this number reserved as well

at 5 PM an other client claims this number and negotiating about the same number as it is showing available.

We decided to log in from the client whom fromvwe got this number reserviced first to double check.
we checked this client reservation numbers and found absolutely different numbers reserved a long time ago and already expired but still showing up without time and as reserved

We have confirmed with client that he has reserved the number and we had to second time reserve the number he wants (while logged it from him)

when we reserved 2222.. number second time we opened numbers reservation table and see this picture
all other old numbers mixed up

numbers keep changing this screen was around 4 pm

and this screen one around 4.36 PM

data is unstable see what happened just for 36 minutes!!!

Client reserved number we got notification but number has not been registered and only after our investigation we confirmed with client and reserved this number again. Numbers Reservation data does not work and got mixed with old numbers, clients reservation data is incorrect they see that they got some numbers reserved but in fact they are expired and this confusing customers and they sending us complains.

Please Nishit take it seriously and fix it properly we may face serious conflicts.
Thank you!