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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates!
For Carrier Lookup – Thank you!
For Port Out Rejection Reason – thank you will test it shortly and get back to you with our comments if any.
Question here do we have any cron job for auto approve and reject ?

Numbers Reservation Analytic : Yes please let us finish all these jobs and go ahead.

I will make this Task into High Priority and then after I will do the changes for the Numbers Reservation Analytic Task Issue. – Thank you man!

for #5477
1.) No limit
2.) It should be different rules. If we use “addition”, then price should be 1,000 + 3,000 = 4,000
If we use “percent”, then if the price is 1,000 and we use let’s say 10% – because of rare area code; then it will be 1,000 + 10% = 1,100

305.900.0000 – price –
1.) Six zeros at the end base price: $20,000
2.) Old and Rare area code: 150%
Total: $50,000