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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit hope you had a good weekend please find some more comments below:

our site carrier lookup disappeared please see there is no carrier look up showing up and here is how it was with carrier.

Numbers Reservation Analytic
Nishit the reservation numbers analytic filters do not work properly.
a) For example we tried to search number: 628999 (which was is the once from the list) then we click search the number is not being detected and it does not find it. The problem is because your search we need to put – and gap so it can be found please ensure that numbers can be found any way it searched without dash and gaps like 628999.

b) secondly when we search the number it showed nothing how we can return back to the previous screen to reapet our search there is no way to go back please make something like (try again) button so site admin can go back after search.

c) three will be thousands of numbers that reserved and we have no option to find a reservation by time for example October 2021 – how we able to search it, also how we can search by customers and so on.

d) how we can remove unwanted old records, we need remove /delete record so we can select unwanted records and delete them.If there will be thousands of records we need to remove some.

e) phone numbers reservation there is still wrong data on the site some numbers we can see one day reservation remaining and some showing as negative one day or negative value we still can not see status of old numbers there should be a message if it is purchased {date} or canceled reservation {date} still missing loads of information.

As mentioned earlier – there should be archived reservation numbers for all the numbers that are already not active history of previously reserved numbers if the number reservation is no longer active and was reserved more than 2-3-10 etc days atc there should be a different tab for those so we can see archive of old reservations with its data who reserved it when and history if it is purchased or canceled see (e).

Please let us know Nishit when you finish is so we can create rules on area codes and % conditions?

is there any progress on making it on mobile?