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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thahk you for your updates, before testing this job could you please advice on following:

1) where we can view an old numbers reserved with their following information: who, when and for how long reserved their numbers and when reservation complete ,purchased or expired history, active and complete numbers reservation displayed on this page, color codding for active and complete reservation also for those that failed. For example if the site had a down time then these reservations display red in a raw as reservations with issues and etc

2) Please confirm that you have investigated the numbers reservation for various time frames including 48 hours and more where these numbers reservation last same time as reserved?

3) We still can not see the area codes settings in Numbers Pricing task and % conditions would you please advice when are you going to finish that?

As mentioned earlier we are finding ourselves behind the schedule and experience major delays with finishing this job and going to the next phase.

Looking forward hearing back from you soon