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Jeff Simpson
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Hello guys sorry for late reply, the file Nishit found is old and sitting on the server since 2016 , i guess this should be sorted while Files Optimization task when all old files and directories should have been cleared, so please remove it from the server.

thank you for updates though:
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1) archived means – the information / data from the past that had been used but can be available for analyses as per job requirements site admins would like to know who, when registered a number for how long so they can investigate all the customers complains.If any. If it is hard to do for already expired numbers please implement this data collection information from the present but it should be all stored in our logs. If it is very old 3-4 months so we can remove it or it is being cleared after such period of time. Same as we did jb for logs if the data reaches certain amount of MB in the DB or custom ticked and removed.

2) it should be system design adopted and looked contemporary and natural matching the current theme interface. However if you have an ideas how to make it better please send us your drafts for consideration.

for #5444
Thank you!