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Hello everyone, Nishit thank you for your updates, please let mus know if you have any question regarding PNR task.

As per your suspicious file detection – this is why we keep our protocol in place and not able to put any extra developer on the same project even we experience majour down times. However it brings more responsibilities for the nominated developer (the one who performs all jobs on the project) and this is very important in terms of keeping all the pass and files secured and manage business area in a safe place and get confidence about all the project scripts and directory architecture.

Nishit – For the file you found could you please ensure if it is now collecting sole logs data of some jobs tasks we previously done and if it is not what type of content it has.

Mark – could you please scan the machine if this file gets detected and investigate of its origin.
We may need to restore all access data for both site admins and developing areas. Since Nishit has got almost full time job we may need to update his and other credentials.

Once we find more details about this file we may have better picture about its appearance.
Will also check with Jeff regarding this matter.
Kind regards Andrey