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Hi Team, thank you Mark for reporting it here,

Nishit we not saying it is you done something wrong it has been many old codes being modified and may confilct with some old scripts.

What hellpened was: – Admin checked the database error logs and found that there is the same error popping up that text message notification failed. (Long time ago we activated this option for our customers so they can receive text message once order is received) but this function probably got old now and not working properly we may need repair it too…

So today admin decided to turn it off. He clicked: Settings —> site settings —> notification settings —> general —> un ticked radio button for text message notification —> then clicked save.

This is when the entire site went down so im sure it will be easy for you to find this bug and fix it as we now know where it come from, probably enable that option back then to fix it…

We need to bring the site back on air and then we can check reservation issue mentioned in #5411 by Mark!
Thank you

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