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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates,
1) price detection functionality works good Nishit – well done
2) have checked you put get price instead of search it is great!

however im very sorry to say but curved text looks very ugly please Nishit check this display quality great capital font and very nice curved text aligned under the top circle arche very neat and please have a look at your circled text it is not going to work mate;) please make it same as on the sample image

3) also can you please make an $ icon smaller so the cost price display will be same as on the sample image

for the percentage you are right we are going to make a rule for each area code as all area codes trending randomly and we need to create a rule for any area codes available so my point was to create the following function into your price settings.

there should be an ability to indicate an area code. Currently if we put the price for the number that has “000” 199,99 but we also need to have another rule for the different area code that price will be 30% dearer and we can not do it.

So my suggestion was to create a
a) “duplicate rule”
b) “area codes selection”
c) “increse by …%”

that means that when site admin set a rule for “000” value equals $199.99 then all the numbers uploaded to the site or checked by our customer will have the price $199.99, unless admin sets an other rule for specific area code(s) that has same “000” value but indicated area code will display different price set by site admins. Currently this option is unavailable on the system and that makes task uncomplete.

Please let us know if you have any questions.