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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, here are some comments below:
1) well check and get back to you.
2) we tried to create an other rule with 5555 numbers and when we searched it responded $1 which was wrong so it still does not work unfortunately.
3) thank you but can you please also change “search” to “get price” also your circled price tag if you can see on the sample image there is a store credit message positioned rounded in your circle it sits horizontal can you please make it rounded as on the sample image.

for the percentage settings i think it is good to have a copy rule button and put “if’ condition so admin can create a rule for example: AAA (area code) 234-3232 price 199.99 (bulk price – default price) and then admin can copy this rule and set if area code BBB (area code) increase 200% price. It is just an idea you see how it better for you to do.

Old bug we will test again and try to record the exact steps whats happened so you can invetigate.