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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit we have tried to create some rules but could not set the rule as there are some parameters still do not work, please see comments below:

1)Numbers Price rules not allow us to set a prices with cents please find this screen shot.
2) We have created a rule with 000 and then tried to find the number with “000” id did not find anything so it does not work.
3) The numbers praising page input filed looks like search please remove filters begins, contains, ends this numbres pricing feature should help customers get their numbers approximate cost. For example you got number 201 323-4434 then you want to find how much it costs, you find area code 201 then input your number and click get price (please change search word) so if the number is not in the rules table then it should display numbers bulk price.

As mentioned some area codes are dearer that others so if one area code with number 232-3424 will be bulk price but if same number but different area code then this number can be cost 20% 30% dearer. So could you please explain how we can set percentage value on Number Pricing rules?

This error mentioned before has not been fixed.