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Hello Nishit thank you for your message, i have just checked the job has some more details mentioned regarding the pages and other task details we still can not see. Please sea below:

When admin creates Banner, it should be visible on mobile website. (Now, it is visible on desktop only)
There should be options to show on particular pages. (With ability to choose 1,2,3…. And all.) (Pages must be synchronized. If admin creates new page, it should be viewable there as well. )
All banner options we currently have, should be working with new implementation.
There is an option where we ca choose to show banner on categories, subcategories and brands, but there are no optioned to choose all. (Let’s say showing banner on all categories pages (all states and all area codes.) or on all brands (like repeaters, double repeaters etc)

Customer trying to buy a number by using one’s coupon code but coupon code field does not work and everytime we put a code in the field it redirects our customers to the search page and customers can not buy numbers, Nishit please fix it asap customers have some coupon codes for holidays but they can not use it is very shame:(

Coupo Code Box Error

Thank You