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Nirav Mistry
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Hello Mark,

Thanks for the information about the image upload.
We have uploaded the video on your server and here is the list to download the video and watch it.
DemoApp link
Andrey posted some question on Skype with reference of video I shared on Skype.
Here is my inputs based on his question :
– About the sharing : No we don’t sharing feature in messenger demo yet.
– About the demo app : We are developing social media app for another client but it is in different technology and language(MEAN Stake). The portal/app is also totally different from yours so we can’t use in another portal/app.
– The version of languages we are using in that are old reactJs version.
– For Russian language : We can implement multiple languages. The demo app already has 6 different languages in it.

Most Important question :
How you want to proceed ? Are you going to hire developer or are you going to pay hourly?

Thanks & Regards,