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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nisit tahnk you for your messages,
have you seen #5293? we have updated your cPannel access can you please advice if you visited your office page and seen updated cPanel access? If so please let us know which error you facing while accessing the cPanel?

for your #5301

a) as per job requirements there should be an interface for the site admin to set some rules for the number pricing scenario. Please allo admin to set area codes and numbers templates so the site generate thenumber cost according to the rules set by admin, please use hi quality graphic for this task as adviced in the job.

As an example site admin sets an area code 212 and next field sets a number template (for example XXX0000) (please see the advanced search for “X” “Y” legend) which means number ends with 0000 the site admin will put the cost for that parameter $2000 so every one who search the number in that area code 212 2340000the calculation show approximate cost $2000.

Please set as much as possible pricing rules i think it should look like a list / table of rules where admin can edit all cost variations and as per these variations set our site members could run their numbers cost estimator.

b) as per location for this script i would create an other area in the site settings directory as it this task related to the numbers price settings.