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Hello Nishit thank you for good news,
also thank you everyone Jeff, Mark, Nishit we have detected the problem of this issue networking DNS routing issue
We could not wait for more time finding a solution for this and repair and had to move EN project to our reserved server in US.

Appreciate you hard work guys and as investigation states there was no any fault on this and here is why your time spent on wrestling with this major breackdown will be paid.

Jeff could you please check the finice papers and we will assigne extra pay for this break down to Nishit from silicon company.

Mark please continue taking copies from reserved server and assist Nishit if any issues.

Nishit would you please bring back all your work that you have done so far i’m sure you safed that so it wont be hard to restore your coding.

At this stage there is an issue with reservation pl can not reserve numbers but i hope you will fix it fast.

Let us continue with all jobs and keep codding, testing paying and move forward.
Will be more updates on this.
Kind regards Andrey