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Hello thank you Mark for #5258

have been in touch with the EN site admins and customers and as i have found out that the third party servcies done some changes in their DNS and APIs

Currently we rolled back to a site back up wihc is one week old and as we tested it is also not functioning.
So the concussion is wrong APIs and here’s why SSL miss configurations.

I believe there is nothing to do with Nishit codding and Nishit does great work investigating this issue.
What we need to do now is to change the API for inteligent and Telinta probably data 247 as Mark advised.

1) Nisit please deisable SSL on the site it is in admin site settings if can not login probably from the files.
2) we need to change all APIs on the site that lead to third party services this information below may help you

All our API calls suppose to go to nanotelecom but it is now changed voip


Plus Marks screen shot.

Since there is nothing to do with codding Nishit we will request EN site admin pay you for this repair so please fix it then we invoice them.

Currently version of the site 8th of Dec (One week ago) once fixed we would need to roll back to latest version which is crushed as it has to have all latest customers transactions which need to be restored.

We can see you already used backup data Nishit in 15 Dec site version so we would need to load latest DB once fixed.
I hope you got that backed up.

Please let me know if you require more information on APIs and etc.
Kind regards Andrey