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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your update but we cannot check your work as you left the site i crushed condition.
Currently the site is down and not being loaded, i think we haveadviced you some time ago to check the site before you report completed and finish your workday. Due to huge time diffrence we had to wait for your next repair for entire day and our clinets are very disapointed with this.

Please kindly fix the site ASAP as we have been receiving multiple complains.
We have now got a client warning to fine such incidents if that happened again, please take this seriously if you leave the site crushed again, we will have to cut your budget.

Please check the site before your leave so it is operational. Alternatively, if you unsure of your scripts behavior provide us your 24/7 contact details so we can contact you if it happens again and you can fix it immediately.