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Nirav Mistry
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Hello Mark,

Seems like iOS & Android app’s source code is missing from the server.
Based on discussion I had Andrey I think we should not start process for the new app development because it is the main task we are suppose to do now.
There is no point in investing more time in fixing the issue in old app.

For the new application, Is it possible for your to have screens of old app with some basic requirements?
I had call with Andrey on 1st December and inputs I had been given for new feature is “voice messenger”.

Meanwhile, we are also checking/understanding the code for current socialengine plugin which are developed in PHP.

Thanks & regards,

P.S. Still my email shows as “developer7@webmaklay.com” So, can you please change it to “nirav.m@siliconinfo.com” ?
Because I am not getting any emails for our communication here.