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Nirav Mistry
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Hello Mark,

Thanks for your inputs.
I did downloaded the tar files from the socialengine client area. I downloaded module-chat-5.6.1.tar, socialengine-mobile-5.8.0.tar and social-engine-php-upgrade-4-x-5.8.0.tar files from socialengine.

Socialengine-mobile-5.8.0.tar is the mobile app I suppose and I found out that all code in PHP, right?

You are right, when you migrate the server the web api pointer also needs to get updated in mobile code but it doesn’t so we are in process of locating it in mobile app.
Can we change it from somewhere else? Please advice if you have any knowledge or inputs regarding it.

Thanks & regards,

P.S. I registered in friendssea.com using nirav.m@siliconinfo.com.
Also, is it possible for you to change my emailid to nirav.m@siliconinfo.com? So that I can get notification on my official emails.