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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates, please take your time Admin Numbers Activation please make it good!
for # 5049 we can see you have changed the search but it still not done here is why below:

1) we tried this number to search 9994878 – 999HURT and it is not finding it.
2) more over when customers searching this they can not find vanity and it gets frozen and clients ended up looking at this loader for ages and getting creasy it has to be fixed we do not want to loose customers.
3) An other point Nishit if you remember the previous work we mentioned you thta you can put loader as globe everywhere on each page for each action and we see this old loader for some reason, please kindly remove this loader from the site and let the globe loader be everywhere not any jumping balls 🙂

As a tip – remember the task says to search vanity by numbers for Example 9994663 which is 999home and each numbre has its own SKU in the system so if 325-999-HURT has got its own SKU which is 3259994878 so there maybe some function s to make it can detect vanity by SKU please think about this if that helps you to do this task quality.

Nishith we expect major down time on about 23 November 2021 please do not be panic if we got of line for couple hours we will be back after some time so you can continue your work.