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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates here is some comments below:

1) clients who have large amount of numbers can not change pin neither call forwarding so they contact site admins do apply these changes. Site admins complain that it is not easy to change it as it is not working smooth for some reason but they could change it eventually but it is a bit of bugs in there need to review mate.

2) My Numbers page (mobile) is an absolute drama, again customers with large amount of numbers complain that not all the pages loaded freezing on pagination not all numbers can access. Customer has been advised that you are working on Files Optimization work which hopefully resolve loading issue otherwise we will need to get back to this task alternative resolutions.

Summarizing that will recommend you to complete the Files Optimization job as soon as possible so we could:
a) Continue testing and funding your account
b) Hoping that it will resolve My Numbers issues
c) Well give us more clarity on the next step whether we go to further Admin Tools job or going back to My Numbers investigation.