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Hello Nishit thank you for your update and we will monitor Flush table functionality.
We have been also trying different ways to test your work and still finding it not completed unfortunately,

1) Carrier Output still not properly display on orders and not showing properly, i know we have already mentioned about it to you earlier but it seems it is still not working as desired. Here is a snapshot attached for you.

2) My Numbres – Mobile still gets freezing and ppl keep complaining about this new functionality, what we think is if you finish Files Optimization work which after loading speed may be improved. If not we will need to get back to this task or even reverce it back as it was and mark this task as Failed to Improved that may lead to the budget review and use this funds for other developer who’s keen to bring this task results in the way we want it to be.

3) On some pages loading Gif is not showing up for some reason.

these all above needs to be fixed so we wont have a dirty footprints behind our completed works.
any way will keep you updated.
Kind regards Andrey