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Hello Nishit, hope you’ve a great holiday!
We still keep checking My Numbers task and overall job related changes.
On desk top we can see that numbers loading faster but what you need to do is to look at pin change functionality it is not being changed when using icon. We can change Pin from the top but icon change pin does not work.

Also when pin changed there is no notification sent to both client and site admin.

However My Numbers on mobile is require more adjustments we can see thta one page loaded fast then second and third but when we click on page 4-5 and etc it freezes for sometime and then if we click back from page 5 to 4 for example the page 5 loads and when we reach page 5-6 it jumps back to page 1 for some reason so still some hacks around that process, but we can see you are getting close Nishit please try to finish it today as we need to move further ahead.

We check some other work from other developer and other developers do entire page loads as lightening speed and other data remain loading but it is very professional and customers can see loading gifs or messages that looks very attractive and keeps clinet in a loop without crushing content and other graphics.

Please let us know if you need any help.
Kind regards Andrey