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Hello All, #4807 just tested does not work, please Nishit test firts and when it is working then we can test to confirm.

My Numbers
Comments: #4807 before we were waiting long time when the page loaded with 500 numbers and more but after long time loading we could see all the pages with all the numbers perfectly.

tested on mobile
Now 1st page loading fast but show only 5 pages but it suppose to be a way more pages as some customers have 500+ numbers when we try to click on other pages it gets freezing and stuck.

Carrier Lookup
The carrier data shows correct data and it is good however it is not working as before.
Before carrier look up request was sent to intelegint and we could see provider info.
if there was a error respond from Intelligent then this request went to data24/7 and then we could get a provider information.

Now we can see the carrier comes from data24/7 and it means that something is wrong, probably intelligent respond with error and it sends request to data 24/7 or there is no request being sent to Intelligent so it takes data from data24/7.

It is important to make a request come from intelligent portal as we do not need to pay money for carrer look up info from intelegent but if we get the data from data 24/7 we do pay and it cost $:)

See how we getting data not from Intelligent


on the screen shot above see provider Neutral Tandem , this infor comes from data 24/7
if it would be from Intelligent it would look like below:


However when we request data from our Carrier Lookup page the request comes right from Intelligent but when our website generate an order then it takes from from data 24/7.

Could you please have a look at that Nishit,
Thank You