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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, thank you for your updates,
for your # #4774 if i can suggest please consider buffering option as on other large data containing websites, customers not struggling to view large data and not wait for their essential information gets popped up.

If customer has got loads of numbers to view make that process optimized for busy customers. Once clicked first page of numbers uploaded fast and other content keeps buffering. For example youtube has got largest data and what happens when customers viewing big data content pages – is loading first set of information quickly and other set is being buffering and openens in a chain sequence.

While content being buffering please ensure that customer wont gets confused but seas some loading gif graphics that assures customers that other content is just about to be displayed. Try to brows some large data websites how other dev’s do and it may give you an idea.

We have also created an other job for you – files and data optimization if next job partly helps to find solution for current one we do not mind you to do some files optimization work if it helps to revolve my numbers task. Or if you may find next job will help you to complete My Numbers task.

In this case you wont be loosing time and keep going trough ahead with finding efficient way to get the job done.
Please let us know if you need any othre help on anything, we are here next door.