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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your update. We have tested as a new visitor and here is the testing log below:

1) Search Number from home page 567 redirected to the numbers ordering page
here is very important point the page redirected after customer puts numbers combination and on click being redirected to the numbrers ordering page where we could see our query 567 but could not see any numbers the we were jsut about yo quit and close the page, likely we were interrupted with other job adn then looked at the page and found that the numbers actualy come up on the screen but there is no indication that it was actually searching our number combination request. I guess there should be loading gif apeared for the customer with the message somthing we are searching your numbers… or something else otherwise ppl will be leaving page as it seems to be not working and it is very important.

2) We picked the number created an account and been redirected to the payment page where we put PayPal credentails and clicked to pay. After somtime we could see the payment processing signs and the PayPal started redirtecting us back to voip and BOOM same issue as it was before here is the page we seen again.

3) again we clicked browser back arrow and it open a paypal page return to merchandiser which we clicked and seen payment failed sign, with no number purchased see this screen.

4) we have seen the login details and it seemed that account has been created and we saw the same on telinta which is good sign but points 1,2 and 3 have to be fixed.