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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit yes all your steps are right and screens are good, there are some differences we do while testing but it should be working on either way isn’t it?

There are two differences we found not working from our end:

Firstly: – all your screen shots are with icons but we can not see icons on the site and awaiting when you fix it. We understand that it is a SSL issue but it worked before and just need to fix the links.

Secondly in:

– Number Purchase process:
2. Select plan – ibb.co/0Z43Fb2 – we login as user and then go to numbers right away
as you can select the plan straight in the numbers ordering

then everything as in your steps but when we pay it looks that paypal got the payment and then says we are redirecting to…store and then we can see this page aftre this page we try to manulaaly return the browser back as and on the customer page we see this message payment failed.

So there is no way for us to test further as it is not working,
please advice if you need us to create a video of our testing and we can not send this testing results to the customer tester as they wont send this job to finince.