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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #4535 and #4536

– This is my testing process and some screenshots.

– Number Purchase process:

1. First admin login as user. – ibb.co/0rDgc3m
2. Select plan – ibb.co/0Z43Fb2
3. Open Number page and search number ‘123’ – ibb.co/vcVdtcS
4. Search and select number((262) 812-1123). Click to checkout for next process – ibb.co/YRNXKR0
5. Fill required field. then submit – ibb.co/X2H3r7H
6. open PayPal login page and login with PayPal account – ibb.co/vHPyxjG
7. click on Checkout on PayPal for complete number purchase process – ibb.co/xJdy6Rf
8. Order purchase successfully and Order number display in user home page – ibb.co/PDWJYhq
9. Number Order email to user – ibb.co/3h7Nbq8

– Change number status and Number assign to customer:

1. All purchase number are display in vieworder page – ibb.co/QbxknTX
2. Recent purchase order details – ibb.co/QXw2KcH
3. Change number status to Activate then number assign to customer and change number status -ibb.co/NmsBmRG
4. Number status change email to user and admin – ibb.co/jW5tXzY
5. Number assign to in telinta customer – ibb.co/SRZRbyY
6. Number account in DID Inventory with in-use – ibb.co/qNV00pg
7. Number account in account info – ibb.co/t4PNrpk

– In the process any thing missing then suggest me.


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