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Mark Hanson
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Hey Nishit we have run test for new user please find testing log below:

1) Open as ite as a visitor search for numbre 333 and page redirected us to the new numbres search with 333 listed all good here.

2) Selected one number and preceed with a payment sand box, we struggled here for some time as it lead us to a sandbox paypal and we could not find how to login there so please send us a sand box account and pass next time so we could login and test.Eventualy we somehow we could process with cards and complete the payment process and got new credentails for voip and found that accoutn has been created on Telinta as well. It is all good but it was already working on the voip telinta bridge.

3) However when we wanted to find what happened with the number we chosen and paid this functionality still not working. Number could not be found on both Telinta and Voip.

Please advice if we missed anything here.
We stopped testing here as we could not achieve the target.

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