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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, we have tested your work and checked all process here is the log below for you to review:


1) Logged in as Webmaklay user and searched for number and found some numbers that ends with 35 and 123 which have price settings on the Voip price page as we put this numbres on cart the price setting did not applied to the cart cost so thsi functionality not working.

2) Plan Basic 100 by default (all excising customers should have already plans unless changed) processed to checkout and come across the page that requires registration and passwork setup but we used Webmaklay (excising account that has got already password and do not require registration) so we could not proceess with the payment due to this unexpected chalange.


1) Searched for numbers with ending 35 redirected to the numbers ordering page found some numbers with ending 35. Added one of them to the cart and price set from Voip Pricing has been applied correctly. Selected plan as Basic proceed to next all good here.

2) Next page registration input all data under CREATE NEW ACCOUNT then below found an other Name and Addrees not sure what is that for as we have already input registration Name and User Name need a bit clarification about the second fields entry if it is a billing info it has to be specified in a nice looking title area / section.

3) Filled out all fields and clicked proceed and nothing happened then i scrolled up and guessed that it may be a pass as it was highlighted red. There should be a clear indication of what’s happened and why process button not working i think should be a popup saying that (complete all fields highlighted red) or something else that clients know that site is working but something has to be corrected before processing.

4) I Generated the pass and then tried to proceed but i could not and i could not find the reson why. Next button was inactive so stopped testing on this point as there was no other way to procee and my test was unsuccessful.

AS a result we can not state that the job finished and coming back to message #4491 when we asked you to test all this before we start testing and you replied #4494 you tested. Lucky we did not hire a customer tester to test as we would’ve spend money for tester in vain.

Would you please prepare this work to finished product so we can test again and pay.
Unscuccessfull Test