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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for updates, would you please confirm if you tested the job from your end and it works:
If the work has completed there should be the following implementations:

1) New visitor comes to the voip home page search the number and being redirected to the numbers search purchase form where visitor able to add found numbers to one’s cart add the plan and complete transaction by processing his payment via PayPal.

a) Excising customers can also search new numbers and purchase them as below:

2) Visitor becomes a Customer after creating new account and completes ones registration along with his new numbers just purchased which after able to find his numbers at Voip customers numbers homepage for further management.

3) Newly purchased numbers added to Telinta so Telinta admin can see new customer and his new numbers purchased numbers which are also assigned to same new customer.

4) Voip admin can see the order generated with all the numbers purchased.

5) New customer can manage his numbers from his customers numbers home page and see their status.

Please advice if you’ve checked all above so we can run test from our hand! Feel free to buy one or 2 numbers for your test and create follow all the steps above to ensure all works and if any miss configuration found please adjust them as you go. You can use your Webmaklay email account for creating an account and if the account already exist please remove it so you can test it all entire work.

Once checked from your end please let us know so we can run test from our side to confirm.