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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit hope you are doing well, please find some tips from Telinta developer below:
Please let us know if that resolved your obsticle.
————–Message from Telinta Developer————————–
To assign a pricing batch to a DID number the request should contain the i_do_batch. For testing purpose, you can use the following cURL command below:

curl -k https://mybilling.telinta.com/rest/DID/add_number -d auth_info='{“login”:”******”,”token”:”*****”}’ -d params=”{\”number_info\”: {\”description\”:\”test\”, \”number\”:\”122233333335\”, \”owner_batch_name\”:\”NO CHARGE\”, \”vendor_batch_name\”:\”Intelligent\”,\”iso_4217\”:\”USD\”, \”i_do_batch\”:\”2758\”, \”i_dv_batch\”:\”2209\”, \”frozen\”:\”N\”}}”

After that, to assign the created DID number to a customer, please use the following cURL command:

curl -k https://mybilling.telinta.com/rest/Account/add_account -d auth_info='{“login”:”****”,”token”:”******”}’ -d params='{“account_info”:

Note, before adding the DID number the appropriate pricing batch should be assigned to the customer (Customer -> Additional Info -> Auto-Provision DIDs via Batch).