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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For Logistic map,

1. Allowing VOIP visitors or guest to search number
2. Select number and choice plan to buy number
3. Buy Number using available getaway including PayPal
4. Orders creation (generate orders for admin) and invoiced
– All above point are already implement in system.

5. Assign Number to customer and Change number status by admin:

– Admin can view all Orders in View Orders page(https://portal.voip.us/admin/vieworders).
– There are drop-down for number status change on this page.
– On-change Orders status drop-down follow process:
1) If Number status is Activate:
2) Check number account is available on DID Inventory, number account available in DID Inventory go-to step 4
3) Create number account in DID Inventory with front ‘1’ then number.
4) After creating a number, number account has no pricing batch assign. without pricing batch number could not assign to any customer.
5) Number account has pricing batch then number account assign to particular customer on DID Inventory.
6) Number assign success then number status change in voip DB.
7) After both operation complete notification emails to customers and site admin.
8) Create number account or assign number to customer got any error then status could not change in voip DB.
9) Notification to admin with error. Customer could not get any email for fail number status.
10) If Number status is any other except Activate, it will change only on voip DB.
11) And notification email to customer and site admin.

6. Manage all purchased number from customer page.

– Customer can view all purchase numbers from home page.
– Customer can change there pin and call forwarding from TN settings page.
– Customer change pincode and call forwarding process:
1) pincode must be in 4 digits and only numbers.
2) call forwarding number must 10 digits and only numbers.
3) Change pin and call forwarding in telinta number account.
4) After pincode and call forwarding changed in telinta it will change on voip DB.
5) Both operation complete then notification email to customer and site admin.
6) If any error occur in any telinta api method there are no change in voip DB. and notification email to site admin with error.