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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for #4474 and updates,

For pricing Batch:

the job result can be only achieved once both logic and development parts have been achieved tested and paid.

From your: – “Without pricing batch number could not assign any customer” we also understand that it is an obstacle issue that not allowing us to start this job development part and it is all clear to us and we can get your point.

What is unclear to us is: – what is your logic road map? Obviously you studied the source code and API and found the development issue that you can not proceed with DEV part, but could you please send us your logic road map plan?

For example We’ve got functioning API from Peerless and Intelligent and these numbers are on Voip. So what is the next step needs to be done so customers can pick their numbers on Voip before they got assigned. Does customer able to pick Peerless and Intelligent numbers and can this process API transmitted to Telinta?

So Telinta admin at least can see Voip customer and numbers being selected but pending to be assigned – so Telinta admin can put these numbers manulay to DID inventory or not and ect.

Can you please send us your full logic plan so we can examine it with our tech specialists and get back to you on that. What we hear is: – “Without pricing batch number could not assign any customer” so what has to be done to be able to resolve this issue? It sounds like we can trasmit Voip numbers to DID inventory but with no Price Batch.

From your message we can understand that Voip numbers being received from both PeerLess and Intelligent and when you say: – “I just create a new number in DID Inventory(https://ibb.co/1b2FYRk)” .

1) Was the number you created from Intelegent or PeerLess if no please specify.
2) if clause (1) is yes then – how did you add this number to Telinta DID is it possible to add Voip numbers to telinta DID using current API library and if it is yes then good, then what is the next possible and not possible steps in your logic…
3) If we understand your clause (2) then we can study how to add Voip PeerLess and Intelegnet numbers to Telinta DID and so on we need your step by step logic work to see where you stuck and what has to be done to resolve this issue, what can be done and what can not in each step.

If all your logic already clear and pricing batch is the only issue that you can not implement trough actual API then we will get Telinta developers involved to this work so we can garualy come to the finish good point.

NOTES: It is not necessary for the logic developer to publish his logic work if development part of the work belongs to the same developer but since we face some obstacles detected during your logistic task and thus development work can not be completed then it is important to see your logistic work for further investigation.

We will discuss your logistic work and investigate for the obstacles detected are confirmed we will pay your logistic work budget even if you did not complete your development part and work on your logistic resolution process so you can continue implementing your second part of your DEV task and once completed pay for your second DEV task.

This is why both Logistic and Development parta have separate budgets as one part of the task can be still done regardless development part completion. If this is the case Logistic budget paid and Dev budget remains on hold till resolution process completed and DEV part also done.