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Im not a logistyc Dev but there are some LD working on othre projects and we can ask them to help you but always when it comes to that case the pay share involved. This Job is about launching Voip to production mode. Customers can order numbers and see them in their numbers managment page. We will do the Numbers Managment task later or after this once has been done.

As a Logic Developer you need to studdy source about where all the calls come from and where they go. We work with PeerLess, Intelegent developers and these guys all the seniors and as im aware they developed all bunch of tools and libraries so we could have our external projects operational.

When you say that we can not assign a number to a price batch and i look at your screen shot i could see that the Price Batch assignment links to not a number but to a customer ID.

Once again im not a logistic person but we could deferentially get involved one to this matter if you find yourself stuck and could not find any othre way to get this job compleded.

On Telinta there are various IDs some for clients some for Accounts. If you see my screen here all clients have their own ID like mine here attached and all the clients have an accounts (which are also numbers on Telinta but with “1” at the front) and under my Clinet ID i have numbers assigned to me please see screen shot here. So all these numbers are on Voip and these are all trough API library.

So from these being said the numbers (account IDs) are assigned to a customer ID and not to a price batch. which is why LD need to pay sharp attention to details to acheave their goal.

Please let me know if you need help on this Nishit.