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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thanks for your updates will request access for both Peerless and Intelligent API so you can see all docs that will help you to work it out.

For your query:
When customer buy any number then Number Account create in Account Info and number is assign to the customer. At that time number account not create on DID Inventory.

I guess the numbers must be added and paid before the assigned and yes the number should be assigned to an account info if you look at Telinta the numbers have “1” in front and have an account ID.

In Excellent Number All number search number are available in DID inventory, so it will easy to assign number to customer on DID Inventory and Account Info at Number activation.

Both EN and Voip are different projects but have very similar production process. On EN i thing customer purchases numbers and then load them to EN DB on Voip we will need clients& site visitors search and purchase numbers so they could manage them right after numbers assignment.There should not be relations between EN & VP they only use same Telecom providers for their telephone numbers distribution.

All search number are come from intelligent and peerless API. – Yes that is Correct!

What i will do will get in touch with team and unlock access for both Intelegent and Peerless so you could see entire picture of what & where.

Also as a logistic developer we will sign you up for an authorized account so you will be able to communicate with all Telecom developers Intelligent, Peerless and to be able to contact with Telinta developers if necessary.

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