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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates!
For #4442 – Done
– Admin change PayPal credential from PayPal Setting page under Setting tab.
looks good but secure should be a secret key i think 🙂 also could you please find a tutorial on PayPal where to find Client ID and Secret Key and link that official PayPal tutorial to the page created with a following text. Please read here where to connect your PayPal to Voip Payment Getaway

For Logistic work,
1) Correct – now it should be already searching both standard and vanity numbers and redirect visitors to the numbers ordering page which you fixed lately.
2) Correct
3) Correct
4) Correct
Yes these are should be working by now (done by your company)

5. Assign number to customer
– all correct (these numbers searched from Intelligent and Peerless and need to be assigned trough Telinta to customers DID)

6. Change number status port-out/active
– Admin can view and Change number status in View Orders page.
(this is also right but customers could see their recently purchased numbers in their dashboard after step 5 on portal.voip.us/home and could manage their numbers once the payment received/confirmed).

7. All correct

Once this done – paid and go to the next phase!
Rg A