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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #4442 – Done
– Admin change PayPal credential from PayPal Setting page under Setting tab.

For Logistic work,

1. Allowing VOIP visitors or guest to search number
2. Select number and choice plan to buy number
3. Buy Number using available getaway including PayPal
4. Orders creation (generate orders for admin) and invoiced
– All above point are already implement in system.

5. Assign number to customer
– Customer purchase number at that time number is assign to customer.
– Check number is on DID Inventory or not. If number is not in DID inventory add new number account.
– then number assign to customer in did inventory.

6. Change number status port-out/active
– Admin can view and Change number status in View Orders page.

7. Manage all purchased number from customer page.
– Customer Manage all purchase number from home page and TN settings page.
– Customer also change there pin and call forwarding from TN settings page.

Please suggest anything wrong.


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