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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit the job is budgeted by developers who can do this work for 4-5 working days, say (even a week). We understand that our developer (who’s working on other project) is more experienced on this topic and this type of work is new for you.

As you are new and it will probably take more time for you (we think ~ 2 weeks) to accomplish this task it can not be a solid argument for the budget increase please have a read here. However we will see the final job out come and overall job completion on such aspects as logic performance, loading and details punctuality can be considered as a bonus.

In case of current budget increase will put you on a tight time frame which we do not like you to have as it may affect your overall payout!

Please let us know if you what our logistics developers to help you on this – in this case please note that will impact your current budget fixed.

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