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Hi Nishit For #4413:

We have already done loads of work on that and this job requires to connect all things up in harmony so all work smooth on the site.

Customer wants to put the Voip site in production mode so the Voip guests & customers will start searching numbers, ordering them (ordering system generates their orders) , paying for their numbers (we have a banking system) but this time please create a paypal getaway setup under settings tab so we can input our paypal credentials to receive our payments – something as attached here and here.

Then customers pay for numbers and numbers got assigned to the customers numbers page portal.voip.us/home then (similar as you did on Excellent Numbers activate recently purchased numbers) and this job done.

Before logistic planner developer used to check the source and created job for you what to do then this job has been presented to you on Webmaklay portal in details and you did development part.

Logistic Developer got paid for the logistic Part and you got paid for development. So now we offering you to do both jobs and pay you these two budgets for your work.

So please let us know if you able to do that and work as a head developer and do all this parts of work and get paid more. Or you want our logic developer generate a developing part of job for you then we will need to pay LD part and ED other part.

Please let us know if you can do both jobs so we will keep whole budget for you and if you decline this offer we will pay the part of the budget to create Logistic part and Create the next job for you with the budget for developing only.

Till this offer you were always doing a developing part and budget assigned – all the developing part jobs had been generated for you by logic developer. We though it will be easier for you to do both parts as you do not need to write the developing part for Mark so he publish it for developer but do all parts of work and deliver final result which after we test and pay as usual.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank You